Kickstarter Campaign: The 4th Monkey: An Anthology for Awareness

What's up, CBH peeps?!
I just wanted to share this project that I'm launching on Kickstarter next week with ya'll.
Hope you like what you see and consider backing it and/or liking our Facebook Page and Event Page to stay up on everything.

Salo KS Image with date.jpg

The 4th Monkey is one who is not blinded. It is aware, and struggles to maintain its sanity, as it tries to reason with a world that will not take notice. Can it succeed, before it's too late?


At 100 pages, this anthology features 8 stories centered around environmental and social issues, told by 20+ comic book creators. The 8 issues are: Ocean Pollution. Alcoholism. Poaching. Abuse. Harmful Pesticides. Suicide. Online Bullying. Political Polarization.

Here are a few preview pages from various creative teams:
Water Pollution Story.jpg damaged.jpg Painted Prey page 1 v2-01.jpg Rat in the Kitchen page 1-01.jpg NoGoingBack.jpg

Help us spread the word and bring these stories to life; hopefully raising some further awareness on their subjects along the way. Come on over and join our Facebook Event page to learn more, and see the list of featured creators, pages, pinups, and cover art!

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