Lantern Masquerade: Samaritan

Hello I'm Kevin and this is Samaritan my first comic.


This is one of three stories that I'm working on under the umbrella title of Lantern Masquerade. This is because each of these stories -while self contained- do take place during the same night during the fictional Lantern Masquerade.

On a rooftop looking down upon the festivities below Samantha is joined by a stranger who asks her a question. A question she hasn't heard for a long time.

Samaritan in only 21 pages -23 when I do revisions- long and as such it's hard to talk about without giving everything away.

This is a story that has gone through multiple revisions. First it was a murder story then it became more of a psychological thriller now it's a "slice of life" tale (I know major tone shift there)

Samaritan does contain references to Depression, Suicide and Alcoholism


Samaritan is my first comic and it has been one hell of a learning experience. I've seen my art grow but also seen its limitations that need improving. There are multiple revisions I've found to work on script wise after the story is complete but I do see them as natural lessons to learn from and become better at.

At this moment in time all of the inks -minus revisions- are done just flats/colours/letters to do. The story is currently at page 12 as of today so it has reached the halfway point.

You can find Samaritan at Tapas, Webtoons and on my Website.

Any questions please feel free to ask.
Thank you for taking your time looking at my work everyone.
Just uploaded page 13. Here is a quick preview.

samaritan 13pre.jpg

You can read Samaritan on Webtoons and Tapas

The next page is a double page spread which is going to look atrocious on webtoons/tapas as they are not kind to anything thats not portrait.

Also finished the logo for the umbrella title Lantern Masquerade that Samaritan falls under. Going to mess around with possible trade covers as I'm about to start work on the second LM story - Kingmaker.

lantern masquerade title.jpg
Page 14/15 is up.
Read on Webtoons and Tapas

Unfortunately Tapas and Webtoons hate double page spreads so had to cut up the full image to get the best viewing but I still added the full image just turned 90 degrees so work those necks guys if you want to see it in it's original state.

samaritan 14 15panel11.jpg

Getting close to the end.
Page 22 is up. This is the penultimate page. My first comic is nearly complete.

This story has been in my head for years and went through so many changes both in themes and genres. This year I said to hell with it and started drawing it and now it's nearly complete. It's nice seeing my work out there on the net. With it I found CBH and joined the Vilified Power UP Anthology and now working on other projects. This has been a really good year.

And I hope to continue on making stories.

I've got the page breakdowns for the next two stories that fall under the Lantern Masquerade banner with another two in the initial phase of planning. I can't wait to get started and can't wait to show you guys what I've got up my sleeve.

You can read Samaritan on Webtoons and Tapas

Here is the cover of the next story KINGMAKER.

kingmaker cover1.jpg