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LGBTQ+ Anthology - Being True - Pitches due January 31 - Unpaid, but kickstarter campaign could change this


Being True (or How I Learned to Love Myself) will be an anthology of short, LGBTQ+ themed graphic stories revolving around what “Being True” means to the creative team in the context of being LGBTQ+. Stories can be fiction or non-fiction, so long as the story fits this theme! Stories can range from a coming out experience to a slice of life event (major or minor) and anything in between.

All stories in Being True must be directly LGBTQ+ related. Stories may be fiction or non-fiction, and can encompass most genres (History, Romance, Biography, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Slice of Life, etc).

Stories must be TEEN appropriate (aka PG-13). No on-the-page sex or nudity, though stories about sexuality are welcome. No gore or gratuitous bodily fluids, though stories can depict warfare and crime.

All submissions must come from an LGBTQ+ writer-artist or a writer-and-artist team where more than 50% of the team is LGBTQ+. If you want to participate but need a writer or artist partner, feel free to register your interest with us during the Discussion Period (see below), but it’s your responsibility to find a suitable collaborator. We want teams to have discussed their collaboration and be working in sync before they submit.

While this is a Boston Comics Roundtable project, we welcome submissions from people who aren’t (yet) members of the BCR or don’t even live in the Boston area!

Submissions guidelines are on the wordpress page.

We are also planning on doing a Kickstarter so that if it does well, we can pay contributors.