List of Website Interviews/Podcasts/Kickstarter

We had great success with the reviews thread. Here is a list of places/people that do website interviews/podcasts and kickstarter spotlight.

Please add your own, that I have missed.

Website interviews/Podcast

Comics bulletin

Fanbase Press

Odnt youtube channel

Just joshing

Rhymes with greek

Womb mates

Robots attack

Associated geekery

Geeks with capes and wives

The legal geeks

Next level geek

Atomic moo

Word of the nerd

Amanda gilliam presents

Kickstarter Spotlight

Fanbase Press

Comics Bulletin

Geeks of Doom

Comics Attack

Comics Beat

Pipe dream comics

Outright geekery

Pop cult hq

Comic booked

Graphic policy

Multiversity comics

Stash my comics

Bad and bored

Rogues portal

Pop culture pipebomb

Comics heating up

The legal geeks

Geek news network

Geeky cool

Comics bulletin

Comic book resources

Comics wow

Bleeding cool

Geeks guys weekly

La weekly

Comics beat

Comic creator network