Local fruit goth joins the fray

Hey! Man it's been a long time since I've used forums but I feel like I should engage a little more with the comics community at large, so here I am. I generally go by Ryan, Radley or Nox, am nonbinary (any variety of neutral pronouns will do), and I pretty much exclusively read webcomics because most big-name mainstream ones don't interest me (and tbh I've always been too broke to take the plunge and get invested in a physical print series). My absolute fave rn is Goodbye to Halos, but I also really like Star Trip, Saint For Rent, Stand Still Stay Silent, The Glass Scientists, and Witchy (and there are a bunch more I'm undoubtedly forgetting).

My current ongoing project is a coming-of-age webcomic with LGBT themes & sci-fi elements called Beta Stratagem, but I should proooobably save the finer details for my artist alley thread because I have approximately 2000 projects on the go at any given time and this will turn into a very, very long intro if I start walking down that road :D