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Discussion in 'Comic Jobs' started by ShaneV, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. ShaneV

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    I'm putting together a true crime Anthology that will be Kickstarted in the in the Late fall. November most likely.

    The project consists of five stories focusing on the Golden State Killer. You might also know him as the Original Night stalker.

    Even though it is based on his rapes/murders and other crimes I'm not in the habit of glorifying serial killers/rapists. This guy is still out there and the story is horrific. I'd like to see him caught in my lifetime, and hopefully his as well.

    Each story portrays a different point of view of the GSK. Through his eyes, the public's perception of him, the fear and terror he spread throughout Sacramento during the late 70's. Law enforcement's failure to capture him, and my own opinion on how he will get caught.

    It is not a retelling of all his crimes, and does not go into gruesome detail of his attacks.

    The stories do capture the fear of the victims, who are the only insight into who this man was/is.

    It's not for everyone. The scenes are intense and might be a trigger for some people.

    The Jobs


    I have 4 of the 5 scripts available. I'd like to have a different artist and/or colorist for each story.
    Each Story is between 4 and 8 pages.
    I will choose the best artist for each story.
    Your page rates will be paid through a successful kickstarter.
    I won't require any art to be done until after the funding of the kickstarter.
    I do want to work out something with you for promo work.
    I want to work out something with you about pledge rewards.


    I'd love to find someone who can do more than letter.
    I want you to be involved in title and logo design


    I want colorists who work well with moon light and and transition smoothly from indoor and outdoor settings.


    This project is so important to me, that I really need an editor for it.
    Help with art direction
    are you willing to take a down payment and then a full payment if the kickstarter is funded?
    editing of scripts and story

    Promo artists
    are you willing to take a down payment, and then a full payment if the Kickstarter is funded?

    Please email me your pitch at shane_ventura@outlook.com

    I'll be happy to discuss the scripts and the project with you if you want to know more.
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  2. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    I might be interested, but realistically, there's nothing I could draw until late September/early October. If that's an acceptable timing to you, I'll send you my pitch as an artist. Thanks!
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  3. ShaneV

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    Send away
  4. NiinaEveliina

    NiinaEveliina 4-Stripe White Belt

    I'd be interested to join in on this as an artist&colorist.
    I'll send you my pitch and if you like what you see, we can talk more, since I'd be interested of hearing about the scripts in more detail. :)
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  5. ShaneV

    ShaneV Blue Belt

    Looking forward to it.
  6. Donathin Frye

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    You should tweet this out to @anthologycomics -- a lot of creators use that as their primary means to find anthology opportunities!
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  7. ShaneV

    ShaneV Blue Belt

    Good idea.
  8. Matt Smith!

    Matt Smith! White Belt

    I'd love to get involved as a letterer. And I've just completed a design course so I can help with a logo!
  9. ShaneV

    ShaneV Blue Belt

    That's terrific!

    Send me an email showing some examples of your work and your rates at Shane_ventura@outlook.com
  10. Jaymes Reed

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  11. frogsfortea

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    Hi Shane, I just found out about your project and I'd love to get involved as an artist, if it's not too late!
    This is the link to my portfolio, if you are interested : https://frogsfortea.com/
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