Hiring Looking for colorist on 4 page comic

Discussion in 'Comic Jobs' started by ShaneV, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. ShaneV

    ShaneV Blue Belt

    I have found my colorist.
    Thanks everyone who responded.

    I've written a script, the penciller will have the art ready by May 1st.

    It's in the work as we speak.

    It's a Moby Dick prequel to be submitted to the Ever Afterword anthology.

    Send me your page rate, availability, portfolio, and estimated time frame it would take you to finish.

    My email

    Thanks y'all
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  2. ZEKE

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    Sent an email your way!
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  3. Cleo-San

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    Would you also accept traditional coloring or would you prefer digital coloring? =)
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  4. ShaneV

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  5. Guillermo

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  6. ShaneV

    ShaneV Blue Belt

    Thanks everyone for responding to this post. I have found my colorist!
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