Marvel and DC Superheroes Lunch Atop A Skyscraper!

Hope this is appropriate to hype here - anyway this piece used to be called Breakfast Of Champions, but then it got counterfeited to f**k and they were all calling it something like 'Marvel & DC Superheroes Lunch Atop A Skyscraper' so I've had to change the name so I show up in search results. I never thought of that when i named it, Ii didn't think it would be a good seller - anyway - can I post this and provide a link where you can buy it? I need some sales after the counterfeiters have stolen all mine...

You can buy a copy here. And it's very affordable and I'm also running a sale right now.

Basically if you've seen this before, and it was not online but in a store, in the US to China - those are forgeries and I don't get a penny! Way of the world these days I guess. Hope you like the piece if you've never seen it before, I'm going to have a look around and may post some more later.