More Than Men - A FREE comic where only the rich have superpowers

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  1. EWaterman

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    Heyo! I'm Evan, the writer and letterer for More Than Men.

    MTM is a FREE 32 page comic that asks the question: What if only the rich had super powers?

    You can read the full comic from my website HERE or get the direct download link HERE.

    You can find us on Facebook or Twitter
    Me: @Evan_Waterman
    Artist: @butchmapa
    Colourist: @Quireink

    Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

  2. A Tale Real Wild

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    The suspense is well built
  3. EWaterman

    EWaterman White Belt

    Thanks! I appreciate you checking it out :)
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  4. EWaterman

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    Got some awesome cover art done! I'm really happy with how it turned out :)

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  5. EWaterman

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    Hey everyone, More Than Men just launched on Kickstarter and I would really appreciate your support!

  6. scythe

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    The super power of job creation.
  7. EWaterman

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    Totally! That's actually a big thing in the comic. Those with super powers end up sucking up all the jobs available leaving the non-powered unemployed and angry.
  8. EWaterman

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  9. Amit Moshe Oren

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    Read the 4 pages in the link. Really good and interesting!
  10. EWaterman

    EWaterman White Belt

    Thank you for checking it out!

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