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Hi folks! I'm Niina Eveliina, a comic loving lady from Finland.

I'm creator of long form comic Numb, that's a fully watercolored character driven mix of mystery, drama and horror! While my artist alley here will be mostly focused on Numb, I'll keep you updated on other comic and art related projects as well, there's few of those ahead if things go well.

You can find me from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and from my portfolio -website. I'm always open for a chat, since meeting new comic/art -people is always a blast!

Trippy ghost story, but beware: there may be more than meets the eye with these ones..

Levi and Sue attempt to meet again after a long pause in their friendship. However Levi ends up in an accident that has something else behind it than just careless street crossing. Old strains are being brought up and something sinister is lurking around.

+100 pages
Read here:
Official Homepage / Tapastic / Webtoons

"You’ll certainly get lost in the madness, but enjoy every minute of it!"
- Webcomic reviewer, WintreKitty

"I highly recommend this series for anyone looking for a webcomic that is unique, experimental, and, most of all, horrifying."
-Scary Cleve, The Outhousers

If you'd like to support me and this comic, for now the best thing you can do is comment, like and share :)

On other news I have two exhibitions in plans, one work ink works
(April-May) and other for short animations (August-September). Alongside with that, there are a few anthologies I am aiming to submit my work as well. I'll be sure to update some progress shots of all of these here when the time comes!

But to end with style: here's some fresh animation wip from february!

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@Donathin Frye Thank you very much! I sound like a broken record but it means a world to me to know that there are folks who like what I've been doing so far with Numb!

On other news, I'll be traveling to D E N M A R K next week so I won't be here for the updates, or anything else for that matter. However Numb will have scheduled updates on both it's homesite as in Tapastic and I have to tell you I am very excited over the following pages of this month. After Denmark trip I will start to work on some bigger Numb illustrations and animations so this alley will get a bit busier on my part.

Have a lovely week!



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Some new things that have happened: Numb got another review! This time from Skehmet, go check it out to see what they got to say.
New update will be up tomorrow and I have to say, I'm super excited for this next scene that starts to go down!

Sneak peek for monday!

Also, I'm working on with a anthology collaboration where I'm doing the art. Here's some concept art for that beast:


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Hey again!

It's been a while and there is now another review for you to read. I give it to you at this point because I'm proud to say I actually fixed one of Numbs negative points! I got myself a proofreader that went trough every page and together we fixed all the commas and typos, also a lot of awkward dialogue has been improved. So now you should be able to enjoy properly written comic.

To end it in a good light hearted note, here's linkin park edition. In truth this comic was meant to be edgy and so gritty even Batman looks away.


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Hey again. Today new page was updated to the brand new website Numb finally moved to ! Here's also some some of the new cover art I did for each chapter:

On other news, I finished the art for collaboration project I had with writer @ScaryCleve and letterer @edweenlo. This comic will be published next August in an american anthology, more news as the date draws closer!
Now, I cannot show you all of the art, but there will be some art sneak peaks in the future :)


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Numb just finished it's first arc!
Now there will be short break as I focus on few other projects, my university studies and making art for the new arc. Numb will continue as soon as possible on spring 2018. I hope you enjoyed the ride so far and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

As for other projects, theres a collaboration comic with a writer Ben Howard, the Beasty Dance. The work is done and now we are waiting for the publishing day of the QUANTUM ECHO -anthology, where the story will be included.

I also do artwork for other upcoming anthology that would be the G.S.K. aka. THE GOLDEN STATE KILLER by Shane Ventura. You can stay tuned with that by signing up for the newsletter by Shane here.

Last but definitely not least, my work will also be found in the anthology collection WHO'S THE SILHOUETTE. I'm very excited about that, since I'll be doing both the story and art for it.

So stay tuned for updates on these projects as well as sneak peaks on the future of Numb!
Now, it's time for me to get back to work.