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Discussion in 'Comic Jobs' started by Arledge Comics, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Arledge Comics

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    Hey forum!

    I'm working on a comic project with a unique cast of characters and a great premise - and the creator & I are now in the market for an artist. The comic centers around a 12 year old super heroine, and we're trying to build an exclusively female/female presenting/female identifying team to bring her to life.

    This is a paying gig, and you'll get the pleasure of working with me. Don't roll your eyes, I know that's a selling point. ;)

    You can read a little bit about the main character here. Get in touch with me or email for more information/to submit work, ect.
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  2. Cleo-San

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    Actually, I wanted to have a look but the site doesn't open for me, sorry =(
  3. Arledge Comics

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    Really? Hm. Try this:
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  4. Kagekabuki

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    The site opens for me, but it just says 'Coming Soon'
  5. Cleo-San

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    Thank you, now it's working =)

    The concept sounds good to me, but I'd love to hear a little bit more about the story before sending in something - it's easier to get a feel of the character. Additionally, how many pages will the inaugural issue contain? Will you be needing coloured art or black/white? ;)
  6. Arledge Comics

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    Did the menu appear with links for an about and artist wanted pages?
  7. Arledge Comics

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    Funny how some sites want the http and others just say to hell with it. Lol.

    I can't say too much due to NDA, but the comic will follow the adventures of Future Girl and her time traveling powers. The creator - via the email address above - may disclose more to you. I'm just a writer (which is a freaking weird feeling, btw, to be just a writer and not a creator. Is this what adulthood feels like?) The general feel of the comic will be a little Disney-ish, where it's suitable and digestible for children, but the philosophy will ring louder for more mature readers.

    We're aiming for the first issue to be 28-32 pages. Subsequent issues will be in the 24-28 ballpark. We're hoping for color for - at least - the first issue; the fate of following issues will depend on the reception of the first. And we're perfectly comfortable having a separate artist for line art and coloring - if that's an issue.
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  8. Cleo-San

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    Perfectly understandable, but what you said here is a good summary =) (And yes, adulthood sucks XD)

    May I ask how you and the creator feel about some more manga-ish style? I'm basically open to adapt a comic style for such a project, however, with Manga style I'm quicker. The page number sounds manageable, too! =)
    I'm not that good with digital colouring but I rock at traditional coloring - it depends on what you'd prefer - and what you'd like to see in the submitted work for the application =)
  9. Arledge Comics

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    It's my understanding that we're trying to settle on a more hybrid style. Western comic styles are usually so... harsh? Hard lined, and that's not really the tone we're going for. I clicked through your profile (shout out to @JamieMe and the design of this site. I love not having to hunt down portfolios because they're on profile pages.) and I, personally, really dig the work on the homepage of your Patreon. I'd definitely advocate for something like that. :)
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  10. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    It is pretty crazy how much depth the forum can offer. Happy it is useful!
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  11. Cleo-San

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    Thank you for your feedback =)
    My new graphics card should arrive tomorrow, after building it in I should be able to access my computer with my stuff again and send you a mail ;) You'll hear from me soon, thank you for your patience! =)
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  12. Cleo-San

    Cleo-San Blue Belt

    Sorry for the double post, @Arledge Comics - I'm currently piecing together my application and I wanted to ask about what the number of print copies of the story would be =)

    Edit: And I wanted to ask, what your concept of pricing per page would be
    1) only the inks
    2) traditionally coloured


    Thanks in advance for the answer!
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  13. Arledge Comics

    Arledge Comics 4-Stripe White Belt

    That's all a bit out of my control. Contacting Ross - the creator - at the email above is the best way to answer those questions. I'm just doing my part in trying to recruit a good artist for the project. :) Sorry I can't be much help.
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  14. Cleo-San

    Cleo-San Blue Belt

    You're a great help, no worries ;)
    I hope, a PDF is okay? =)
  15. Miri

    Miri White Belt

    I sent an email out! I'd love to work with you :>
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  16. Cleo-San

    Cleo-San Blue Belt

    I sent you an email with a PDF =) Please check your spam filter if necessary ;) If there's anything missing, please let me know!
  17. Cleo-San

    Cleo-San Blue Belt

    Just a short note @_@ If you wrote an email, it might have been deleted by my spam filter X_x" I adjusted the settings now, but if you sent something, it has not arrived - sorry to trouble you with that >.<

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