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Discussion in 'Collaboration Forum' started by Shaneoid, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Shaneoid

    Shaneoid Purple Belt

    Hello all, I missed out on the first anthology and looking to get involved in this one, especially as I love the fantasy genre. My strengths lie in the athletic/muscular build, however I'm up for a challenge! I'm putting myself out there as a penciler, nut I could go further to inks/colours if needed.

    My comics are Heroes of the World and Beyond and Night Twink for a look at what I'm able to achieve, the more recent strips being a good example of what I'm able to achieve.

    I'm also on Deviantart should anyone need more examples. Here's a few of actual fantasy pics I've done recently.

    Please email hotwab@outlook.com



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  2. WilfredEsteves

    WilfredEsteves White Belt

    Hey Shane, I sent you an email. I like your style for the script I'm writing. Hope to hear from you.
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  3. Shaneoid

    Shaneoid Purple Belt

    Hey I've managed to get a writer and will be focusing on that, thanks for everyone else getting in touch, perhaps another time?

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