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    Hello everyone,

    Jamie Me here. We have a cover (front and back) design opportunity for this anthology event, and whoever takes it up (individual or team) will get a license to sell the anthology like other accepted submissions. The design will also need an accompanying back-cover design like POWER-UPS: Vilified featured.

    What is the design spec?

    We want a character reaching up towards a sky full of pages reaching for the "one" comic.

    Here are image examples of the type of composition we are looking for:




    The character would be looking forward. The design would be 100% up to you. We want to encourage collaboration. That's the aim of the entire event!

    We need room for the logo to be located at the bottom.

    Interested? E-mail comicbookhour@gmail.com with your portfolio(s). Please approach us as a completed team. You can do this as an individual!

    Deadline: January 15th, 2018.

    Disclaimer: All posts in this collaboration section are about creating an anthology together as a community, and as a result money should not be exchanged for services. That includes posting with paid services. All accepted creators involved get a licences to sell the finished anthology (with guidelines).
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