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OCTRTA - Writer Seeking Collaboration Team

I realize I am a month late to this... But if there is anyone out there that would still like to collaborate for OCTRTA, here is my pitch.

When I read the word fantasy I immediately thought of doing a story about a child's imagination and dreams. Like the dreams of being able to fly, or to be an animal, or to be a superhero saving the day. So I chose to create a script that was inspired by playing pretend with my daughters...

The peaceful council of Fermata has been trapped by the evil Treble forces. There is only one source that can set them free, the incredible Princess Leila Heart's Wonderous Waampaphone! With the help of the Expansive Bulk, will Princess Leila Heart find the courage to save the day? Find out in The Concert at Terrapin Hall.​

The working copy of the script can be found here and you can email if you want to collaborate. I hope you enjoy!