One Writer in Search of an Artist - story proposal

Hello lovely humans, I'm looking for artist people to join me and create a comic from the pitch below.

Story pitch -

From the PoV of a 'comet' in a decaying orbit around the Sun, due to hit a near future Earth.

"300 years ago they spotted me
250 years ago they were sure I wasn't like anything they'd seen in the night sky before.
It took them another fifty to realise I was closing in on them,
and since then they've proposed blowing me up
landing on my surface
and dragging me off course.
Now they're even trying to make contact.
"We ask you to leave your orbit of this star, your vessel poses danger to our world."
You hear that? They'll do it again in binary in a minute.

In another few years I'll be close enough to show them that I'm not what they think I am."

Visual Ideas -

Visually the story would revolve around three things, images of the 'comet' in flight, scientists studying the comet, and images of public/media reaction to the incoming ball of icy death (all relating appropriately to the text).

The final panel should show the future transformation of the 'comet' from its dormant state (a giant humanoid in foetal position), to an ultrapowerful figure, arms and legs outstretched as if bursting out of a shell, hovering above the Earth.

Hope this isn't too lame an idea.

J.Keeling (The Afterglow)
Hi Kevin, just read your Samaritan comic pages and really like the style. I'd love to work together with you on this. Message me if your still up for it.