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Paladins-A Webcomic


White Belt
Hello, I'm James and I'm currently working on the webcomic Paladins. It's an action/adventure comic that focuses on character development.

Haunted by dreams of his death, Trent Harris begins his junior year of high school. His normal life is changed forever when he meets Izzy the CEO of a major corporation. From her, he learns that he is part of a group called the Paladins whose job it is to protect the earth from evil. Together with his brother Taylor they must find the other Paladins and stop the invasion of a force calling itself Zillia.

You can read it here (Like and subscribe): https://goo.gl/JZ2tYG

You can support here (That would be awesome of you!): https://goo.gl/9QBxCU

And you can follow Progress Here: https://goo.gl/9QBxCU
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