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Discussion in 'Thought Bubble Festival' started by JamieMe, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Hello there,

    Jamie Me here. If you are attending Thought Bubble I'm looking forward to interacting with my fellow readers and creators. I myself will be tabling in the Leeds Town Hall Marquee tent at table 14!


    Please feel free to post links to your table number, what comics you will be selling, pre-orders and ask any questions you want to. Maybe, like me, you are a first-time tabler, and you want some extra advice? POST IT!

    Follow me @JamieMeWrites and @ComicBookHour for more news!


    Please feel free to post full comic previews in a separate thread in this section. We've got the technology to handle it, so you might as well!
  2. Anna Landin

    Anna Landin Purple Belt

    I'll be there! Together with some other Swedes, sharing a table in the Millennium Square marquee!

    It's my first time at TB, and my first con in a foreign country, so expect me to be: a little bit panicked, very happy to see you, and may or may not also cry a bit. I may or may not forget which language to speak.

    I'll be bringing copies of Grassblades - a collected volume of chapters 1-3, c:a 100 pages - and a stack of zines of my holiday comic from last year, a stack of artbooks with Tea Witches, a bunch of different stickers and possibly some acrylic charms, if there's room for them? Since I'm flying in from Sweden, and I'm sharing a table - meaning I only have limited tablespace - I'm not taking specific pre-orders, and I'm limiting what I bring with me a bit. Hopefully, there'll be something for everyone!

    I'll be at table 176 with my pals!


    ETA: Some pictures of the stuff I'm bringing:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. Hari

    Hari White Belt

    Hello, I'm real excited for thought bubble, there's always so many cool people around (@Anna Landin I definitely wanna come buy some stuff!!)

    I'll be in Victoria Hall, table 34, with a new fancy reprint of 'Liar' (the comic that won 'Best Artist' at the SICBAs & was a finalist in the PRISM awards) as well as officially launching the complete Nyx in the Overworld book and D&Doodles, a collab D&D artbook (actually a whole bunch of people who were in it should be around selling copies!) There's links to the online version of my comics & shop and stuff on my twitter.
    I'll also have some new prints, pins that are about to run out, and possibly T shirts if they arrive in time, who knows.

    Psyched to see y'all / come say hello if you're around!

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  4. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Looking great! It is going to be fun to meet fellow creators too. Good luck everyone :)
  5. Jennulator

    Jennulator White Belt

    Hey, I'm one of the other Swedes sharing a table with Anna, so I'm stealing her table placement image:
    It's my first time at Thought Bubble ever, and while I have been at a few other conventions before, I think this will be my biggest one yet! I feel very humbled by having a table among all these awesome people, and while I might be a little shy, I'll happily say hi and talk comics <3

    I'll bring my rockin' space opera SPEJS to the table! I have three chapters printed as three stand-alone adventures. Get one, get all, whatever you like :)
    I'll also bring some encouraging sticker sheets that are SPEJS-themed, great to show off on computers, sketchbooks, etc!
    I'll also bring a few copies of a Swedish anthology with erotic comics, which all have pretty queer themes and overall have a nice feeling to 'em :) And maybe even some free sketchbooks - first come first served ;)
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  6. Tony Cooper

    Tony Cooper White Belt

    This is my first TBF!

    I'll be at Table 44 in the Town Hall Marquee, selling my 24-page one-off "Some Kind of Hero" and my new graphic novel "The Murder Club" and really, really hoping they have some heating on in there :D



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