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Arledge Comics

4-Stripe White Belt
Plot: A vampire is tracked down to his (her?) dwelling. The vampire is hunted for the sole reason of being undead. The vampire hunter (slayer?) accuses the vampire of abducting a young woman and a little boy. The vampire attempts to explain that the events are not as the hunter perceives them. The two fight and it's revealed the young woman was in an abusive relationship before the vampire took her away. The little boy was dying (of some incurable disease or a starving orphan?) before the vampire took him in. By the time the hunter realizes the vampire isn't actually evil, it's too late and the vampire returns to dust.

Setting: 1700's Colonial America. Rural estate. Large mansion befitting the undead.

Characters: Obviously still in flux. Main characters being the vampire and hunter. Cameos by the young woman and little boy.

Pages: Four.

About Me:
I'm a seasoned writer with a handful of titles to my name, and I hear that I'm a delight to work with. le wink. Here's a link to my portfolio. Hit me up, peeps.
I'm watching Caillou with my little boy right now. I'm thinking about this comic done in the Caillou art style. Yeah I know everybody hates Caillou.

Arledge Comics

4-Stripe White Belt

Arledge Comics

4-Stripe White Belt
I wouldn't mind if I can do it in my own style because that's the only thing I'm comfortable with. *sweats*
This kind of supernatural and historical comic definitely fits my likes! I'd love to take this on as artist or colorist!
@Mharz Of course! The long sweeping lines you use for your webcomic (hair and wings and stuff) is what I initially envisioned for the vampire.

Then @micahdraws can color it. We'll spread the work around. ^_^

Then draw straws as to who letters?