Powerup Pitch: The Wounded (working title)

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    All right,

    I saw the thread for this on Twitter and thought I'd get involved. Seemed like a cool enterprise and it's years since I had a good collaboration...

    Anyway I write, draw, illustrate, design and do pretty much everything myself, which is why I'd like to split the work up for a change! Due to my other commitments this year I thought I would simply craft a bit of writing to use as a starting point for the artist. I have in my own mind the kind of old-school Heavy Metal magazine strip where pure imagination can just totally run riot, somewhere between Corben's Den and Moebius. To this end I threw together the following little poem type thing (I'm not a poet, I just love words). 4 verses which could correspond to the 4 pages, the text divided up across the page as the artist or we both see fit. Channeling a bit of the legend of Cain, I think - or even Grendel from Beowulf - but see what you guys reckon anyway:

    He looked down with his wounded smile
    Deep into the valley,
    Deep down into the mausoleum
    And watched the statues play...

    In the flames of twilight the dark birds came,
    Wings cutting like black blades
    Across the flickering eye of light -
    As he stumbled, so they soared...

    The light from which he was cast,
    To be, for evermore, a shade.
    Barking raventongue welcomed his coming;
    They did not see the mark he bore.

    He cast from his shoulders the yoke of wrath,
    The mark, the curse; his legacy.
    "I am what you feared the most!" he laughed,
    And to the muscled marble he turned.

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    Chaz, let me write it and you draw it mate. I do both myself, but I have a couple of things on the go and I'm quicker at writing than illustrating. Let me know what your idea is and I'll write her up.
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    Are you thinking Ramble On by Led Zepellin here?
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    Hey, thanks for the interest! Sadly I'm kind of up to my neck in drawing for the foreseeable in trying to get as much of 'Spilled Blood #3' finished before September, when I'm back to full-time study. I've been hard at it for 3 months and TBH it's starting to fatigue me now...

    How I imagined this was one verse per page, with as many or as few panels as the artist saw fit illustrating the words. Or else maybe even just using the words as a starting-off point for their own 'Ramble on'...it could even be a panel per page. The words also aren't written in stone, but I just thought it'd be fun to throw something out there and see what came back?
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    I think I'm in the same boat as you! Ney bother!

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