Hiring President Werewolf 4 page script - artist/team

Discussion in 'Comic Jobs' started by Luke, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Luke

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for an artist to jump on board with this script that I want to submit to the r/comicbookcollabs anthology that's coming out....

    I've the story is picked, it'll be included in a published Anthology, plus there is a chance to win big big dollar! (75 bucks.... but still, its something)

    The short script I've written is called "President Werewolf": A werewolf is loose in the grounds of the White House and hunting Patricia Nixon, and among the chaos her father has gone missing; where is the president????

    Now I'm aware the title gives away the twist, but honestly, I can't think of something else aha

    Ideally it would be a black and white job, with the odd splash of red here and there.

    I don't have a set style in mind, so I'm pretty open to any and all styles out there, so send me your portfolios and rates and hopefully we can come to an agreement!

    Any feedback on the script would be welcome too!

  2. Per Berg

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  3. Luke

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  4. Luke

    Luke White Belt

    It would be great to know your page rate? You have a really distinct design!
  5. Guillermo

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  6. Jeferson Sadzinski

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  7. Andrew Wales

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  8. Edgardo Granel-Ruiz

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