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How do you deal with printed copies of your comic, if you happen to print?

I made a small print run last year because I wanted to attend some conventions, as it's one of the most interesting way to promote the comic, and one of the funniest to me. It went pretty good, considering I print in english but sell in Italy. Even considering I didn't make the money back, it was totally worth it (for those wondering, I could make up the printing expenses, but couldn't cover convention expenses by just selling the copies, and yes I knew what I was doing).
This year I won't be able to attend as much conventions as last year, both for the money and because I don't really feel like doing it, but I still have 25 copies of the comic that I'd like to sell, at least to free some space at home. I managed to bring some copies to the local comic shops, but they find it hard to sell it as it's not popular and there's nobody there to promote it properly.

So the question is: does any of you sell printed copies online? What results do you have? Is it worth the struggle with mailing them? Any tips on how to promote them?
(Last but not least, does any of you want a copy of DAWN OF THE DAD? XD)
Confession: I really struggle to stick with webcomics. Not entirely sure why, but I always prefer comics in print form. I particularly like indie things where the creator has made sure that the printing is to a really high standard, and probably in hardback. I also really like something that has a punky or homemade zine feel to it.

I would certainly consider purchasing a copy! You should probably put them on a site like Etsy (unless you aready have a place on the internet you can sell from).


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I don't really know where to put them up for sale, Patreon apart (but I don't have enough readers to make Patreon worth it, so I don't have it). So part of the question that I forgot to add is: where do people sell their stuff online? I mostly see artists promoting it on their page, and most of them have an online store. Wondering if there's some platform I could use to store them
When I print my comics, the main intent is to sell them at conventions, or any other small event/function. I havent mastered the art of selling my books online yet- hoping to get to that level soon.
While I wait to get enough together to compile as a printed book, I put them as downloadable PDF's on Seems nice, pays out each month and has decent stats to see where people are coming in from etc.