Printing color comics in B&W


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I've been thinking of getting one of my webcomics printed into paperback book sometime down the line. The comic is posted in color, although otherwise there's nothing super elaborate about it. As many would know, color printing doesn't come cheap. Many independent creators wishing to print their color comics often have to fund it via Kickstarter in order to make it feasible.

I'm wondering how you'd feel about comics originally released in color being reprinted in black and white? This actually isn't unheard of, as there has been many formerly color comics being collected into books as B&W, most especially Sunday comics seen in newspapers.

Obviously, if color is a big part of the comic's overall look this wouldn't work, but what about those where color isn't super-important and could, in theory, read just as well in B&W?

Of course, if the comic turns to be popular enough, they could justify re-releasing it in color down the line, like what happened with "Scott Pilgrim". Another way is to offer both versions: a cheaper B&W version, and a slightly more expensive color version.

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If you're worried about costs printing both a b/w and coloured edition doesn't really make sense because now you're paying for two print runs? You could do a small black and white run to test the waters? If it sells well then perhaps it's worth looking into a coloured print run?
Gotcha gotcha! Honestly since it's already in colour I'd print it in colour. I know it costs more but once I started printing my comics in colour the number of people stopping by to look increased a lot. Colour really is a great attention grabber.