Professional Artist looking to ink or color comic pages for portfolio!

Hey guys! Bit of a different thread than what you usually see.

I realized recently that all of my professional work in the art industry so far is concept art, textures, and graphic design, so I don't have much to show a comic publisher outside of my own property. Which is cool, but I need more variety to win them over.

I'm specifically looking at inking and coloring a wide range of styles. So, I'm looking for 3-6 comic pages (preferably all from different people) to do this with. I don't mind if you want me to do just inking, just coloring, or both. I think it'll be a lot of fun for all of us!

You can check out my work here to see if you're interested in me touching your stuff. I'll be communicating with each individual about the kind of style they want to see, otherwise you can leave it all up to me and get a surprise!

I have some guidelines though:
  • Intermediate to professional grade pages only, please! Since it's going into my professional portfolio, I need some quality control.
  • Preferably, the file should be print size in at least 300dpi so I have room to work.
  • Seeing as I'm not being paid for this and I don't own the original drawings, the finished product cannot be used commercially by either party. (But I AM open to releasing those rights for proper payment or doing more for pay if you really like my work)
    • To better protect myself against this, giving me the sketch or inks of a page already finished and released online in an official capacity would be a bonus.
  • You can post the results to social media but it has to link back to me too (and I will do the same for you when I post it!)
All I ask for in exchange is the ability to show your pencils or inks (credited to you) alongside the final pages I worked on in my portfolio, to show the progression to employers.

To apply, post a link to your work and/or a smaller image of the page you would like me to work on, then tell me a little bit about what you would like to see done with it!

If I'm interested, I'll PM you my email and a couple questions so you can send me the file. Please don't be offended if I say no! And feel free to ask me anything if you're not clear on something. :)