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Discussion in 'Collaboration Forum' started by JamieMe, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Hello everyone,

    I thought I'd post up a few tips to help with the submission process.

    1. Check your lettering, and use this link as a guide, specifically to do with the letter I, here: http://www.blambot.com/articles_grammar.shtml

    2. Make sure you have your bleed right. Here is a detailed guide: http://comicprintinguk.com/bleeds-and-clearance/

    3. Check it twice. Trust me!

    I hope everything is going well for the teams, and I can't wait to put this all together.
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  2. G.S. Faulk

    G.S. Faulk White Belt

    Question. Do you want us to compile all pages, or send the individually?
  3. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Individually, so I can compile the end file :)
  4. Eilidh Price

    Eilidh Price White Belt

    Hi Jamie, just saw your guidelines on lettering. Our comic uses minimal typography, which doesn't follow the traditional comic-style lettering/speech bubbles. Is this going to be an issue?
  5. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Hello, apologies. It won't e an issue if it is legible, and we 100% don't want to get in the way of creativity. It was more of a case of getting I's right etc, so that from a product standpoint we can say that it is in line with what people expect when something is traditionally lettered. Happy to take a look too!

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