[RESOLVED] OCTRTA: Manga style artist looking for writer

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    EDIT: I've found a team now, thanks to everyone who enquired!

    Hey guys!

    I missed out on Vilified as I was finishing my thesis, but I'd love to get involved with this collab!

    I mostly draw gothic fantasy art, usually angels and demons, but I'd be happy to push myself :)

    You can look at my comic 'Sacred?' here.

    You can also see my portfolio here.

    I've attached some examples of my art below; I usually work digitally in Clip Studio Paint for comics, but I can do traditional work too!
    FB_IMG_1511706797473.jpg FB_IMG_1511706860621.jpg FB_IMG_1511011836941.jpg
    Let me know if you're interested :) my email is kagekabukiarts@gmail.com if you'd prefer to chat there ^^

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    Hi there. I've been working on a script idea that involves some fantastic beasts and I think your style might fit it well. Where's the best place to contact you? Twitter, email, etc.?
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