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'Sacred?' (fantasy shoujo manga)


4-Stripe White Belt
Hey guys,
I'm currently creating 'Sacred?', a manga about a rebellious teenage boy called Chaz who discovers that he is a 'Nephilim', or half-angel. After his powers awaken against a bully at school, he is taken under the (literal) wing of Azrael, the Angel of Death, and discovers a world of angels, demons, gods and other deities that he never imagined could be real! But the angels of Heaven aren't too happy to discover his existence...

The 2nd chapter is currently updating every Saturday on Tapastic, and you can see pages early on my Patreon!

There is also a print version of the Prologue & Chapter one, which was free in the 'DAY ONE' PDF bundle.

I'm heavily inspired by 90s manga such as Kaori Yuki and CLAMP...In other words, if you like Angel Sanctuary, you might just like this xD

If you do like the series, please give it a vote on TopWebComics!


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I'm gonna have to give this one a look when I have time. Because you are inspired by CLAMP and I like 90sEra!CLAMP. And shoujo x3


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I forgot about this thread lol

Chapter Two is now complete! I'll be taking a break from this particular project now to work on my OCTRTA submission and some other smaller things. I'm also going to build a buffer, haha! Looking to return to this comic in late Spring.