NSFW Sexy Art Challenges - June 2017!

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    Summer Magic

    You can interpret the prompt in any way you like! Let your imagination flow free, and don’t hold yourself back! The challenge is about letting this prompt inspire you in any way you feel it, so let it take you anywhere!

    The deadline for the challenge is 28 June 2017!

    How It Works

    The Sexy Art Challenges are meant to encourage artists to stretch outside of their usual zone. Up with nudity, sensuality, sexuality, and kink! Many artists aren't challenged on these subjects, and there's an unfortunate stigma with some artists about sexy art and even nudes. That's not just unartistic, that's sad!

    Submissions do not have to be any particular level of "sexy" -- that's for you to interpret the way you feel is right! Since this is a challenge, we do ask that you, well, challenge yourself a bit. Try something new! Experiment! Do whatever the prompt inspires in you.

    You can submit your work to the challenge by posting in this thread within the allotted time. Please be sure to include links to your other work, so that people can be sure to check it out if they like what you do!

    Guidelines and Caveats

    ComicBookHour allows for NSFW content, including nudity and even arousal, which is especially great. At this time, they can't allow for too explicit content like bodily fluids, so we ask that you find ways to present any sexual acts gracefully.

    Since the challenges are supposed to be positive in attitude, we discourage things like graphic violence, death, and rape. They tend to be kind of a buzzkill! Please also don't present a shaming attitude towards nudity, sex, kink, or sensuality. This is the place for sex-positive and nudity-positive attitudes!

    You are also welcome to participate in the other Sexy Art Challenges, which are located on Tumblr!

    Last but not least of all, please feel free to message me with any questions or needs. I'll do my best to help you out in any way I can!

    Have a great time with your challenge!
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    will have a go at this one, hope others will too!
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    Nice! I'm in. There's something not specified: only one artwork per user?
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    Is this still on? If so, where? ;)
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    you post on this thread. (it had slipped my mind with other stuff so will have to work on something later today)
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    Oh damn did I miss this again?
    Ugghh, ok NEXT TIME I swear I will join in.
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