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Shopping for Shops

I've decided to try & build/do a shop/store where I can sell my books & merch for right now...at least until I can get the site built & going. Right now, I have a bunch of books, prints, & stickers that I could be selling(I've been holding on to them until the next con I will attend) and I have ideas for more prints, stickers, & books on the way.

The only issue is I want to be able to link my shop/store to my site once I'm done with it. I want to be able to get the best experience, with something that a lot of consumers who buy comic stuff online are familiar with...can those that do sell their merch through online shops throw some sites out there for me to research? I'm familiar with Gumroad, and I'm looking at that...but I want to research some other shop sites as well.
Big cartel limits what you can sell. The free option only gives you 5 listings where as etsy/store envy you can list dozens.

All of them also allow digital products to be sold but I think you would still have to email/forward the files across rather than them be on a server so a little bit of extra logistics there.

I think etsy/store envy has the ability of gaining random traffic. Gumroad has no search option and I think thats the same for big cartel. No one can stumble on your stuff there you it has to be a direct link.

The problem with doing the store first is that it is a 3rd party so it can't be linked seamlessly to a website. Buyers would still be redirected to the site with no quick way of going back to your site (besides history/back button) The best way to have it all contained is to build it alongside your website as wordpress/squarespace would have plugins that add store features (basket/checkout) to your site.
@Kevin Pass Thanks for the info. I'll keep that in mind...talked with some others today about the whole "building my site" project, so I think I may hold off on the shop thing.

In regards to wordpress- I'm now getting to the point where looking at the themes isnt making me wig out like it used to, BUT...I'm trying to find a theme with a simple yet multi-page format, with shop features included.