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  1. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    Each month, I write and publish a one shot comic (usually 2-4 pages) for StArt Faire Magazine. The comic is paired with a monthly article series about writing comics, and is written to be an example of that month’s article topic. I’ve linked previous articles and their short comics below for you to take a look at. As you can see, I love collaborating with artists of many styles, stretching myself to write about different genres, experimenting, and getting to know new folks!

    If you’d be interested in collaborating with me, I am always looking for artists to work with. Reach out to me with a PM, show me some of your art, and let me know what types of stories you’ve an itch to tell and how many comic book pages your ideal collaboration would be. We’ll get to talking and go from there!

    Unfortunately, StArt Faire does not currently offer compensation and is a volunteer zine. If that deters you, believe me, I do understand!

    Previous Short Comics!

    Issue #11: [NOIR] Requiem in Red, art by Amirak Delat

    Issue #9: [HORROR] What the Moon Brings, art by David Lindholm

    Issue #7: [ACTION-ADVENTURE] Unspoken, art by Derik Diaz

    Issue #6: [SLICE-OF-LIFE] Moving, art by Csyc

    Issue #5: [SATIRE] Spoiler Alert!, art by Dani Glisson

    Issue #4: [SLICE-OF-LIFE] Desperation, art by Rui Silva
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  2. Kathryn "Magi-Kat" Barnes

    Kathryn "Magi-Kat" Barnes 4-Stripe White Belt

    I've read the first three links so far and I'm liking what I'm seeing. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    THREAD CREATED BEFORE update. Gets a pass on the new rules.
  4. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    Thanks! :D

    I won't take up too much paid gig space to promote this thread with the new rules and all, though I'll share future collabs here too. I'm always looking to connect and work with new folks.
  5. Joichi

    Joichi White Belt

    Hey, I really like the slice of life shorts, been itching to try a hand at those.

    I got comic samples I've done in grayscale: Lavender Tea prologue
    I would like to work with slice of life/drama or comedy. Something slower paced, try out character interaction or something fun.
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  6. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    Sounds great. : ) I'll really dig through your work and start brainstorming here soon. And once I have an outline, I'll reach out to you and we can go from there!
  7. t.y.b.

    t.y.b. White Belt

    Hi, Donathin, your slice of life shorts are really great- I'd love to lend a hand to a collaboration sometime. Currently handling the chores on Kindred Homecomings, and doing lettering for all the comics on, get in touch if interested, thanks. -t.y.b.
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  8. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    I've had a few folks reach out to me very recently showing interest in short collaborations. Thank you! I'll be certain to reach those who've contacted me first as I complete short scripts that I think would pair well with their interests and artistic styles; I prefer to have a finished script ready to go when I make contact.

    I'm a busy guy, but sooner or later, I'm certain that we'll connect -- I'm scheduled to write my next short here in the upcoming week.

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