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Discussion in 'Collaboration Forum' started by Kevin Pass, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Kevin Pass

    Kevin Pass 4-Stripe White Belt

    Hello everyone. This is very exciting and nerve wracking. I consider myself an artist first, writer second but seeing as we can participate on different project in separate roles I figured I try my hand at writing a script.

    Title: Sirens Call
    While the crew of the cargo vessel Iaos try to create a path through the frozen river that grips her, predators swim the waters ready to strike.

    This story is set within a fantasy world so there will be chances to flex those artistic muscles. I will be leaving all the artistic side to you (no backseat art) as I want you to be as creative as you can be.

    NOTE: Part of the story is that sirens use music to manipulate their prey AKA show their fantasy AKA naked bodies. There will not be many panels showing this side of things but to cover my bases you need to be ready for and ok with a) drawing hot orc males and/or dwarf females etc and b) composing panels so that any possible nsfw bits are conveniently covered so that we can keep this at least in the PG-12a rating.

    In terms of what I'm looking for style wise I have no real preference so if you are most comfortable in black and white I have no problems with that but if anyones up for adding colour etc I'm open for everything.

    I'll give everyone 1/2 weeks to see who bites before deciding. I will consider everyone who leaves a message. If you have links to previous work please let me see.

    Can't wait to work with you guys. Now back to typing.
  2. Kevin Pass

    Kevin Pass 4-Stripe White Belt

  3. baixam16

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    Hi there. I read the script and I like the idea of a horror-fantasy story. If you like my art just drop me a line. Here is the link

    good luck
  4. Kevin Pass

    Kevin Pass 4-Stripe White Belt

    Hey, I like your art it should go great with the story. I'm not going to commit to anyone just yet until sunday/monday as I want give others a chance to show interest but you are on the list. Thanks for liking the pitch.
  5. baixam16

    baixam16 White Belt

    sounds good for me

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