Sites that review indie comics?


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Re: reviews and submissions generally - does anyone have any experience of dealing with no response?

Is it bad form to send a chase email after a couple of weeks of silence, or do we just accept it's probably been binned with the other 97 review requests that came in that hour, and move on to the next review site? I'm more used to dealing with publishers and agents who tend to specify a response time, e.g one month (or: no reply within a month = rejection), but the sites I've sent to so far have no such information.

Many thanks in advance :)


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Oh, and for what it's worth, I'd be willing to post reviews of comics on my blog devoted to my indie publishing label, Fenriswulf Books.

I've used the blog as a forum for small-press and indie creators in the past and would like to do so again...try to get a bit of reciprocation and feedback going with folks out there, and with luck, drive a bit of extra traffic to both our sites.

I'll post an honest and constructive review within a reasonable timeframe - just don't send me a Lone Wolf and Cub epic and expect a review next week. (However, if your shiz is as good as Goijma and Koike, then I'd happily pay you for the privilige! - joke.) In terms of what I will review - best drop me a PM here first as there's probably some material I'm just not capable of appreciating (superheroes, most definitely) - stoner or other drug-induced material unlikely, also.

Just putting feelers out there. Thanks for readin'.
For podcasts add Undercover Capes Podcast Network, which is another site we run, host a bunch of podcasts, and for comic reviewers other than Comic Crusaders, add Geekery Magazine
Hi all, we're a new indie comic review site. We review comics, web-comics, Kickstarter campaigns - the lot!
We also do a dual review system; basically the comic gets reviewed by myself and my friend Baxter, who is....odd to say the least. So you get a serious review as well as something more comical/satirical from Baxter.

Thanks so much!
Morgan is the nicest person ever. Great site, highly recommended.
Thanks for linking up there. Furries, funny animals, werewolves, or anthropomorphic stuff is eligible. Fred Patten is the main reviewer:

We also syndicate reviews by Bessie of, who reviews the same stuff plus some other non-furry indie comics and has written for Bleeding Cool.

Please contact me through the site About page to arrange a review. Hard copies only (Fred is elderly and doesn't do digital reading). But you can get writing hosted if you want to BE a reviewer (or know someone who does.) If you want to try Bessie it's best to go direct to them.
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