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Soul's Journey


White Belt

Anrak, crown-prince of the Kingdom of Antorea, finds himself trapped in a wolf's body
after running away from home. Meanwhile his country is at the verge of war
with two neighbouring states. Now Anrak has to figure out the nature of his current

condition and find a way to reverse it in order to regain his actual body and to prevent
a conflict he so carelessly set in motion.

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Welcome stranger! I'm Sophie and I make the aforementioned webcomic "Soul's Journey" in my spare time. There are a lot of other projects (in various stages of planning)
that I want to make in the future, most of which will be interconnected and take place in the same universe. A great thing to place cameos and crossreference things to geek out over,
but also a lot of work to keep everything consistent. Good thing webcomics move at such a slow pace (with a fulltime dayjob in any case) - gives me enough time to think things through.


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pledging to the

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Looking good! I'm watching all these threads in amazement. I didn't even know you could do half the formatting everyone has done.


White Belt
Patrons receive monthly wallpapers (which so far went nicely with the scenes running at the time). Have some previews of the wallpapers so far!