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    Hello Comic Book Hour Forum! I am brand new here (just finished creating my profile 30 seconds ago) and I figured posting my comic here would be the best way to kick off being a member here.

    My comic is called Stop Watchers and Chapter 1 is almost completely online. The first chapter, which is stand alone compared to the rest of the first book, deals with the main team of Stop Watchers as they chase down Jack the Ripper in 1888 victorian London. Stop Watchers are teams of time travelers whose job it is to stop time criminals from changing the past for their own personal gain.

    Feel free to give it a read, review it, give me feed back, follow it - I'm up for whatever you want to give me!

    Here are the three best sites to read/follow it on depending on your preference. Thank you in advanced for taking the time to look at my comic. I really appreciate it!

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    New page up today! To read Chapter 1 of Stop Watchers up until this point visit

    Feel free to leave comments here or on the official site. Let me know what you think!!

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