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Tabling at USA Comic Con


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I've been asked a couple of times if I would be interested in tabling with a friend in the USA - after some serious time spent Googling I still don't know if I can - so I'm turning here for information.

Has anyone from the EU (UK specifically) tabled at an American convention? And if so what sort of visa do I need to apply for and where on EARTH do I start? The only thing I can find is to get an O-1 which has some pretty stringent requirements that I don't meet (award winning actress I am not!), yet I know of other artists who haven't won awards, or been anything other than self published who do table.

Unfortunately I don't know them personally and they have yet to answer me so I thought I'd see if anyone knows here.

Do I need a visa to table and sell prints/commissions etc? Or is my ESTA valid for that?
What kind of visa do I need?
How and where do I go about applying for it?

Any help would be appreciated - I can't even find a logical place to e-mail these questions to someone official