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    Hi! I'm Attila Polyák the writer of Tales of Midgard comics and short stories and this is my Artist Alley thread about everything that is Tales of Midgard.

    What is Tales of Midgard?

    Tales of Midgard is a collection of comics and short stories set in the word of Midgard illustrated by Erzsébet, "Lizbeth von Rabbit", Schlett and written by me. As the name suggests these tales draw upon Norse mythology. Many ideas, symbols and concepts that can be found in Norse mythology are also present in Tales of Midgard, however, our stories are set in an original high fantasy world. Currently, we have two ongoing comics. One is titled Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic, which is a comic that mixes in a few steampunk elements into a more traditional fantasy setting. The other comic called Tales of Midgard: The First Magiknight deals with the origin of magiknights. We also have several short stories available as well.

    Where can you read Tales of Midgard?

    Tales of Midgard is available for free online at talesofmidgard.com. You can start reading it from the very first page right now. Alternatively, you could read it on Tapas as well.
    If you happen to be interested in short stories, we also have some of those available on talesofmidgard.com in the short stories section.

    Update schedules and Future plans

    Tales of Midgard is updated regularly with full-color chapters. We release a chapter, which on average is 21 pages long, on every third Friday. You can check out our update plans in our Update Calendar. As for our future plans, starting in the second half of May we're going to try changing the update schedule we used so far, to a "one page a day" approach. We're also thinking about making another shorter comic, that is already written, but still needs art. You can read more about this in our Comics Library.

    Sample Pages

    The coverpage of Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic Book1

    Chapter 3 - Page 16

    Chapter 7 - Page 17

    Social Media and Other Availabilities

    If you happen to like what you see here and want to support us, you could consider checking out our Patreon, where we have a few extras for our Patrons.
    You can also follow Tales of Midgard on loads of social media sites:​
    Thanks for Checking Tales of Midgard out, hope you like our work! Feel free to ask anything! Have fun reading!


    May, 21, 2017: Starting on May, 22, 2017 we'll have daily updates, with one page a day instead of what we did previously which was 1 chapter every 3 weeks.
    June, 24, 2017: First Chapter of Book 2 ready and online. We also started our Youtube Channel.
    August , 11, 2017: New Comic titled Tales of Midgard: The First Magiknight​
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    Chapter 9 is ready and online, available on talesofmidgard.com and on Tapastic (which apparently should be called Tapas now, but I'll stick to the old name for now).


    Have fun reading!
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    Chapter 10 went live quite a few days ago. It's available on talesofmidgard.com and on Tapas, be sure to check it out!


    Another important recent change is that we're changing our update schedule. As of now we had one update every three weeks. This update used to be rather large, containing one whole chapter (on average 21 pages, with coverpages included). Starting this Monday we'll be having updates on every weekday, however, these updates will usually only have 1 page. This change will only be a test, we're not certain if this is better than our old update schedule, but it's definitely something worth trying.
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    Tales of Midgard sounds really attractive. I really love the art.
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    There are a few new things about Tales of Midgard: First and foremost Chapter 11 is done. You can read this chapter on talesofmidgard.com and on Tapas. This chapter is also the beginning of the second Book of Tales of Midgard. While this has little to no influence on the digital updates, if we were to ever go print, this would be a landmark update. Coverpages are in the spoilers just below.

    Book 2 Coverpage:

    Chapter 11 Coverpage:

    There's more! We recently started our Youtube Channel. At the time of this post, there are 3 videos there. We so far only uploaded WIP videos about illustrations related to Tales of Midgard and coverpages. Our three videos are in order: Anne White Illustration, Book 2 Coverpage, Chapter 7 Coverpage. In the future, we also plan on making WIP videos from actual pages, not just covers and illustrations.
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    A lot has happened in the past month with Tales of Midgard. Unfortunately, not everything is good, but I'll get to that soon.

    New pages are being made, obviously, as a matter of fact chapter 12 is progressing well, but the not so happy piece of news is that our updates were rather often missed. By now chapter 12 should have been fully done, but it isn't yet. We're working on it with Liz, but there are still a few pages till the end of the chapter. Anyways here are a few randomly selected pages in spoilers:

    Chapter 12 Coverpage:

    Chapter 12 Page 11:

    Chapter 12 Page 14:

    On a much brighter note, we're continuing our Youtube uploads. Since the last update, there are two new videos. We have a video showcasing the creation of page 2 from chapter 7, and another video for the coverpage of chapter 12. While I know time-lapse videos are rather niche, but if you're interested in how our stuff is made, well... You'll most probably like these videos. The next video is likely going to be uploaded this weekend.

    Another fairly recent thing we did was a new little bonus image for everyone who thinks summer is hot. It's currently only available on Top Web Comics as a thank you image after voting and on Patreon for our supporters. If you'd like to check this out head to TWC and vote for Tales of Midgard. Thanks for voting!

    And finally, there's the elephant in the room. We started a whole new comic and yesterday we uploaded the coverpage of it.


    Our new comic is titled Tales of Midgard: The First Magiknight. And as with all of our work, this is also be available on our site and on Tapas. This comic will be fairly short, including the coverpage you see above, it'll be 15 pages long. We plan on releasing one page a week, so the full comic will be done roughly by the beginning of November. As the title highly suggests the story will be about the origins of magiknights. Hope you're looking forward to this new comic as much as we are. Have fun reading!

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