Tales Of The Fractured Mind


My name is Roddy McCance and I am the writer for Tales Of The Fractured Mind. The artist, inker and letter is the awesome Rolands Kalnins (http://www.marvelzukas.deviantart.com/)

Tales Of The Fractured Mind

...Is a graphic novel anthology examining the causes, effects and stigmas of mental health. Each story is a different genre and each story focuses on a different mental health disorder. It started of life as a Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/roddymccance/tales-of-the-fractured-mind) and has developed from there. We are doing out first talk with a mental health charity which is pretty cool. I hope to do loads more of that kind of thing.

Where Can I Get It?

It is available on Comixology () and Big Cartel (http://talesofthefracturedmind.bigcartel.com/)

Why Should I Get It?

is an anthology of stories with each stories focusing on a different mental health issue. For example on story is about depression and another bi-polar disorder. Each story is a different genre, so there is something for everyone. There is a war story called 'War On Reality' and even a love story called 'Our Song'. I made TOTFM to create awareness of mental health and the recent Comic Book Hour discussion really helped and made me feel like I was doing something good. So, if it sounds like something you'd dig, feel free to pick it up!

The Future...

I'm in the beginning stages of doing Kickstarter #2 called Tales Of Fractured Worlds. I'm trying to establish Fracture Press as a small indepent publisher, that makes socially conscious comics. We have attented several conventions and we're hoping to do a few more before the year is out. We hope to add more titles and promote this one. We also hope to do more talks and workshops and hopefully make a little difference in this world.

Thanks for looking!

- Roddy

Sample Pages...

You can read Clock Of The World here > (http://imgur.com/gallery/roBLK)

Clock Of The World Page 3

Our Song Page 7

The Persistence Of Depression Page 5