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The Angel with Black Wings, CHAMPS and moar comics

Hello Comicbookhour! My name is Mharz and welcome to my empire! (It's still small but I promise it'll grow eventually... :D) Don't worry I won't bite. I'm really really friendly! Just check out my works I totally appreciate it.

You can also follow me on twitter I post silly stuffs and try to cheer people up as much as I could... aside from my absolutely mental and vanity posts. LOL.

Patreon link

Inquiries: I am open for any illustration and comic works. I can also do some rad coloring if I may say so myself. *wink! *wink! *nudge! *nudge!
Just PM me here or email me at commissions.avimharz@gmail.com

So here's the completely original stuffs I do


The Angel with Black Wings - Drama/Fantasy - A story about the friendship between a human boy and a guardian angel.
Focus Theme: Platonic love and forgiveness


The Robonoid Fan - Slice of Life - A single office girl has to tolerate her adult-hating neighbor's extremely rude behavior and obnoxiously loud anime songs every night.
Focus Theme: Adult responsibilities


On Top of the Lonely Cliff - Drama - This is an inktober storybook I worked on last year about a girl who tries to help an artist she met on vacation to overcome his depression before it's too late.
Focus Theme: Mental health awareness, Depression


Also here are some of my sample artworks which you can see on my main site and deviantArt


Lastly, The Angel with Black Wings Volume 1 and The Robonoid Fan are now in print format thanks to some friends who volunteered to print them for me (it's still paid of course) so that online store is gonna happen whether you like it or not! :3

So yahh thanks for taking the time to read and check out my works and feel free to talk and be friends with me. Remember, we have the #FREEDOM to create what we love. ;)
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Heyo guys! Just wanna share these two drawings right here! These are some collabs I did with DracoPlato of our OCs The Angel and Damon (no pun intended)

angeldamon2.png angeldamoncrossover.png

I did both the sketch and inking and Draco did the colors. It was the first time I did a collab so it was super fun! Also they freaking look so good together. Like those edgy power couples who can dominate the world. XD

Be sure to check out her awesome comics at http://khyatix.com/


Blue Belt
I did a couple of stuffs for April fool's day this past Saturday. It was really fun! :3


My angels are actually so freaking handsome and hot when turned into men.
Hey I forgot to mention, I have a new site for my comics now! For those who prefer not reading in mirrors, check out my lovely lovely comics on these links!
http://blackwings.mharz.com - Drama/Fantasy comic, The Angel with Black Wings
http://champs.mharz.com - Sports/Romance comic, CHAMPS
http://robonoid.mharz.com - Slice of life comic, The Robonoid Fan

CHAMPS is the newest one to the fray about an MMA champion's conquest in the octagon and in love so do check it out! :3