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The Cancelled 90s Wonder Woman Cartoon That Almost Happened

Did you know that there was a Wonder Woman being made in the early 90s? It's notable for being the only cartoon show that was ever being developed for Wonder Woman, also, if it had been released, it*would've been the only 90s DC Cartoon that wasn't connected to the DCAU.
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Would've you like to see this Wonder Woman cartoon? I think it's a shame that the only animated series that was ever worked on for Wondie never got off the ground, it definitely would've been really beneficial to the character.


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Man, I feel like I'm living in an alternate timeline, because I thought for sure there was a Wonder Woman cartoon show. But I just googled it and there isn't. I must have been seeing clips of her from other cartoons.
I would gladly enjoy a Wonder Woman animated series to set off an all new DC AU

I feel like DC/Warner really wastes their characters.

as a kid i used to read the catwoman comic series. i'd watch a series about her too.