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The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light

Hello everyone,

I've followed Comic Book Hour here and there, but never knew much about their ongoings, such as the new "ONE COMIC TO RULE THEM ALL" anthology. Wish I knew about these things early on, but with my current standing, I only have enough time for my main proejct - The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light, and I've come here to share a bit about it with you.

The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light is a high fantasy, young adult online graphic novel that I started about a year ago. I wrote the rough draft back in 2011/2012, finished the manuscript in 2015, took it to an editor in 2016, and currently I'm revising it for a second version. During that time, I began to illustrate the first book, Advent Light, as an online graphic novel. When writing the story, I see the characters and scenes in Advent Light a certain way, and I want to share that imagery with the reader. So at the moment, I am going this artistic, yet very challenging route, for publication. Once my revisions are complete, who knows.

I'm also working on the sequel to Advent Light, known as The Chains of Tameseus, that will deal with an event that takes place during Advent Light. Having hit my One Year Anniversary in December 2017, and having completed three chapters, I feel that I have enough for readers to sink their teeth into while I work on artwork for Chapter Four. And so, that brings us to my current promotional plug here.

I hope you take a look at my online graphic novel, The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light. Share it on social media and chat it up if you like. I'd appreciate positive feedback if promoting it. Any criticism, please PM me or post it here, a.k.a. keep it off social media, please. No one wants negative or even constructive criticism surrounding their work while trying to promote it.

For now, here's an excerpt from the "About the Comic Page"

"The story follows Lucious, his brother, and a friend on a journey that starts in the world of the living and ends in the world of the Daemos, the Suntavelm"

and here's the first comic book page: http://thedaemoschronicles.co/comic/1

Hope you all enjoy it!