The Dark Tower

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnitaComics, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. AnitaComics

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    Is anyone else as hyped as me? In Italy it still has to come in theatres. I've approached the serie first with the comics (that I considered awesomely drawn up to a certain point where they changed artist), then the books became my all-time favourites.

    So, what about you? As anyone already seen the movie, and want to share opinions?
  2. NiinaEveliina

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    I haven't seen it yet but I was about to.. until I saw the reviews. Not that I base my taste on opinions of others, but when the response is this negative, I think twice before spending money on this, when there's lots of other movies I could watch instead.

    I'm scared it'll go the usual way Stephen King -adaptions go. But in this case I'd LOVE to be wrong. The cast is so goooood! :F
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  3. Infected Blood

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    The reviews are abysmal, so I'm not planning on going. Not that I always trust reviews, but they're really too awful not to be believed, at least to some extent.
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