The Eelman Chronicles - True stories about the last remaining Eel Catcher in Eastern England

Hi all, I write and draw a lof-fi real life, true story comic book about my dad's adventures as the last remaining eel catcher in the Fens of Eastern England. They're all short 4-5 pages long snippets and stories of his life, which I'm in the process of compiling to get a printed book out soon.

He's had a strange and often hilarious life so I thought I should document it, I have 5 stories so far -They feature paranoid burglar shooting farmers, rabid ferrets, insane dogs, the Queen of England and Tv Presenters. Like I said, I thought they were worth documenting.)

I'm new to the comic world but have been getting some nice reviews so far:

If you're interested please head over to as they're all available there for pay as much as you want PDF download. Also on twitter at @eelmanchronicle

Here's a preview image -thanks for reading :)