The Gilded Age - A Steampunk Graphic Novel, Now on Kickstarter

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  1. John McGuire

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    Would love it if you could check out the Kickstarter for my Steampunk comic, the Gilded Age:

    The Gilded Age is about a group of performers, the Branning Troupe. Half actors and half carnival folk, the group travels throughout the countries of Victorian Era Europe. For some it offers a direction to their lives, others get the adoration of the crowds, and the rest find simple refuge from a world which has cast them out.

    This is for the Graphic Novel (100 pages) that collects the first four issues of the comic.

    It is a bit of Steampunk meets Western meets Horror meets Fantasy.

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  2. A Tale Real Wild

    A Tale Real Wild White Belt

    I Love this one :D
  3. John McGuire

    John McGuire White Belt

    I just try not to mess up the pretty pictures and colors with my words. ;)
  4. John McGuire

    John McGuire White Belt

    Only 24 hours left!

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