The Infinite Canvas

Polyak Attila

4-Stripe White Belt
I've recently found the awesome youtube channel of Brian Shearer. He has lot of comic related videos and many of them deal with Webtoon. One of his videos is about his thoughts on structuring images for Webtoon and how to restructure existing comic pages to be Webtoon friendly. If you're on Webtoon on looking for it you should definitely check out his videos.
Now I'm not here to advertise his channel, although his content is pretty good, but the video I linked to actually got me thinking. Does the form of your canvas matter? Does it matter in art? In writing? My first reaction was obviously it matters, the way you portray time with the gutters is very different if you compare a regular page layout and an infinite canvas layout. But then... I didn't think too much about it, but I didn't really find any other meaningful difference between the two. What's your opinion? How different is an infinite canvas setup from a normal page setup?