The Ins & Outs of Wordpress, ComicPress, & site building

Discussion in 'Comic Discussion' started by Shanny8, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Andy P.

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    This is REALLY good advice. Even when you can build it yourself, finding the right site template saves tons of effort. Be sure to go poke around the theme's demo page. If it doesn't show something you need (example: a calendar feature) then it probably doesn't support it or you'll have to settle for the wordpress default.

    This forum could benefit from an organized technical section ( @JamieMe *nudge nudge*). Then people can post specific questions about:
    • graphics software
    • printing pitfalls
    • websites, CMS and hosting
    On that note, I do front end web development so feel free to ping me if you have a website question or can't figure out some weird bug.
  2. micahdraws

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    Also, if you have specific questions about what a theme can do, don't hesitate to contact their support or customer service email.

    Going off the calendar example from @Andy P. say you have a specific calendar plug-in you like using. Feel free to ask the site devs if their theme can support that plug-in. Chances are, they'll either tell you yes or give you options that do work. I've had nothing but good experiences asking such questions of sites before buying.

    Ultimately, they want you to buy their product, so they'll do their best to explain to you what works if your preferred option doesn't.
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  3. JamieMe

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    The creative section is open to all technical questions. The thought process is to have busy sections on the forum instead of ones that are potentially empty for extended periods of time. Eventually we'll be putting together a "cheat sheet" with collections of useful posts. That'll be good.
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  4. Arcade Colón

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    This thread has been hella helpful!
  5. Mharz

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    I'm gonna monitor this great thread.

    I'm thinking of rebuilding my website too. What I don't like about comicPress theme is how simplistic the look is and my aesthetic sense is gonna bother me with that. So I looked for a different theme (currently using Tesseract). The problem tho is that I can't make comicEasel work properly there particularly the buttons. Also I want this new site not just a webcomic hub but more of a portfolio/webcomic hub/blog thing. So I'd do WP for the main hub and grawlix for the webcomic stuffs.

    I use Site Origin as well and it really helps someone who has no patience to hard code stuffs. Highly recommended it.
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  6. Shanny8

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    @Mharz I seen your tweet about Grawlix, I re-tweeted it(when I do that , it moves it to my page where I can find it at a later time). I'm gonna look into that, and compare it with Word Press.
  7. Sully

    Sully White Belt

    Wordpress is fairly easy, but it's still not idiot-proof.

    Evidence: me. My WP site for my first webcomic, ANIMAL, is fairly trash and that's after working on it for a week.
  8. Terminus

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    I've spent the last week building a website for a friend (a Wordpress-based home page/hub with the comics run via Grawlix in subdomains). I actually built the Wordpress theme myself (decided to challenge myself and have some fun) and boy was that a thing. XD It took me most of the week just to get the Wordpress theme to a functional level (though it's all finished and functional now). I managed to do everything the friend and I wanted with it. Of course, it's nothing super fancy, but it works.

    It only took a day to get the Grawlix theme set up (everything but the color scheme, anyway). Granted, I was using the base code of a default theme and pulling it apart to stick back together in a more interesting way, but the end result was both pretty divergent from the original and really pretty (as well as a sound launch point for the other two themes the site needs). I might be able to use them for something else later...
  9. Shanny8

    Shanny8 Blue Belt

    *Sighs in mortal pain...*

    I am SO NOT wanting to do this by myself, but I'm gonna have to- just so that I can at least know how to update my site when I need to...

    I'm trying to at least hold off doing anything serious until AFTER I do MomoCon.
  10. grawlixcomix

    grawlixcomix 4-Stripe White Belt

    Out of curiosity, what’s holding you back? What would make it easier to get started? (After MomoCon, I mean)
  11. Shanny8

    Shanny8 Blue Belt

    @grawlixcomix a few weeks ago, I finally plotted out like a map/graph of sorts of what I wanted on my site. Stuff holding me back: format/design, doing additional artwork towards the design of the site, small stuff like color, what I want to say...I dont have a clear cut vision of exactly what I want the end result of my site to look like; I feel I need to figure out some sort of concept- I dont want to dive into this utterly clueless.
  12. grawlixcomix

    grawlixcomix 4-Stripe White Belt

    Makes sense. I’m something of a planner myself, though my plans often fall apart once I get into the implementation. Hope it comes together for you.
  13. Shanny8

    Shanny8 Blue Belt

    UPDATE: Welp, because of the Tapas incident, I'm now looking at DEFINITELY trying to build my new site- even if I have to stop working on the comic as frequent to get it done. There is NO WAY in hell that I'm gonna let some company inject clauses in their TOS to infringe on my creations...I'd just sooner leave. My creations are MINE; it's time to create a home for them.
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  14. Shanny8

    Shanny8 Blue Belt

    Designed the logo for the site...starting to get a more clearer idea of the design I want. As far as what to say, that's still a question mark- I may look around at a few sites over the next few weeks so I can get an idea of what I want to say & how to go at it. I want the site to look better than your average "ticky-tacky" slapped together site, but simple enough that I can implement updates & changes without having to study quantum physics(lol)...I havent settled in on the whole "dot com" suffix- I may see what else is available. If I decide to NOT do the dot com thing, then I may just do the logo as just plain Studio Brie.

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  15. Shanny8

    Shanny8 Blue Belt

    Question: does anyone have a list of sites for domain names- I want to compare prices and see what works best for me. I've already looked at Go Daddy, and while they do have the first year for $13, after that each year is $20. I wanna to see if that is the best price in town in the long run, or can I find something better?
  16. DMBrigman

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    Most hosting providers will also register domains for you. I use DreamHost because they give you a deal when you register a domain and pay for hosting.

    Google just started offering registration.
  17. Shanny8

    Shanny8 Blue Belt

  18. Trinket Trance

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    I looked into a lot of hosting before launching last year and found that Godaddy seemed to the safest option in the long run - most of the other companies are owned by a corporate giant that isn't primarily about webhosting and many of the plans come with clauses that amount to more money spent after a few years (initially savings are often offset by long term yearly rates).

    Because I'm cheap and no budget and no return on investment for this project yet, I'm trying to keep expenses to an absolute minimum and I'm making due with a basic free five pages from GoDaddy that I'm now linking in to a WP account for regular webcomic hosting. Holding true with the cheapness factor, I'm simply using the Panels theme. It's straightforward and free. Not a ton of customization options, but it should do the trick for the basic reading experience for those that don't want to download PDFs of complete issues.

    For reference:

    I haven't really had anything fancier set up on any of the other hosting platforms anyway. Get a few custom image backgrounds happening and this'll be decent enough for now at least.
  19. Shanny8

    Shanny8 Blue Belt

    Had a talk with some peers today about building my site, and after talking with them and taking a look at some themes I'm not feeling that overwhelmed sensation that I was getting earlier...but I find myself getting frustrated coz I'm not finding any Wordpress themes that I'm like, "this could work". Gonna keep looking...
  20. Polyak Attila

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    Do consider that most themes have a lot of customization in them, meaning that two sites running the same theme can look totally different. Just to give a live example, the site for Tales of Midgard uses a theme called Avada. It's a rather popular theme with a lot of customization. I picked a random site from Avada's showcase sites list and I can't find too many similarities, even though both sites run off the exact same framework.
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