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The Interview: Looking for an Inker

A bit late I know, but you may remember me from such classic as Lex Iniusta featured in the original Power-Ups: Vilified. I've a script ready to go on a modern fantasy called The Interview. The pitch goes a little something like this:

"A journalist is always looking for that “the scoop”; that one story that will propel them into the limelight and bring them fame. For Jack Lynch, reporter for the Daily Bread (an online tabloid), that comes in a once of a lifetime interview with the Devil himself on Halloween. This version of Satan (or Stan as he prefers to be called) is an elderly gentlemen with a penchant for herbal teas and the owner of a restaurant along the Quays called “The 10th Circle”. A sign written in ornate golden calligraphy hangs above the archway the lead into the building. It reads “The 10TH Circle: Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate” or “The 10TH Circle: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.”

The Devil welcomes Jack to his humble abode though the reputation of his would be interviewee leaves Jack quite cautious. He wonders why the Devil would choose to establish such a life. The interview leads to a discussion on the place of Rebels within history and how society remembers them. Their discussion is interwoven with flashbacks to various conflicts. The Devil highlights that society always creates the notion of “an evil enemy” so that they have something that unifies them. That was Stan’s destiny, to be branded the villain as other rebels had been in the past. Evil for the Devil is merely a matter of perspective.

Ultimately, there is a meeting of minds between the Devil and Jack. With our protagonist left to wonder who was really being interviewed and for what purpose."

If this sounds like something up your alley. Let me know and we can talk about it. If not this time, maybe I'll catch you the next time round.