The List #1 - what if Santa saved children every Christmas? (Kickstarter)

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    Hi everyone,

    I managed to find this forum because a project I recently pledged to posted here (it was Red X-Mas: O Holy Crap and it looks great).

    My comic book "The List" is now on Kickstarter and we're looking for funding to complete our first issue. We are nearly two-thirds funded after less than a week which is great! Here's a link to the page

    The List
    What if Santa saved children every year instead of delivering presents?

    Sal’s not like the Santa you see in the movies. He’s not that fat, not very jolly and definitely doesn’t say “Ho ho ho”. Sal doesn’t deliver presents on Christmas Eve either, instead he gives children a better gift, freedom.

    See below for some great art by Liana Recchione.

    The List - Page 1.jpg
    The List - Page 2.jpg
    The List - Page 3.jpg
    The List - Page 4.jpg
    The List - Page 5.jpg
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    Pretty awesome to see we are spreading the boards far and wide. Welcome, how's the KS going?
  3. The List Comic Book

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    It's going pretty well, we're very nearly two-thirds funded in under a week (we launched last Thursday).

    It's quite stressful trying to spread the word and get more backers but at the same time it's pretty good fun. The Kickstarter community have been amazing and so helpful.

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