"The Murder Club" Kickstarter - final 2 days!

Hello everyone,

I am launching a Kickstarter for my graphic novel The Murder Club on the 30th May, and I'd love to have your thoughts on the campaign...


Feel free to leave feedback there, but preferably on this forum (as it will be helpful for others doing KS stuff too). Any comments welcome really - is there enough/too much info? Are the reward tiers interesting? Does it sell the concept and the book to you? I'm as thick-skinned as an armadillo btw, so fire away :D

I have done one comic Kickstarter before, which was a success (just!), but this one is for a slightly higher target (as it's a much bigger project - a 72-page graphic novel) so I want to make sure I'm ready to hit the ground running when it goes live.




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The first thing I do when I preview a Kickstarter page is check out the prices. If I can't get a digital copy of the thing for about $5AU (about 3 pounds), I switch off immediately. This may not be a universal thing, but pricing is the area where so many campaigns fall over. Yours doesn't fall over here - the prices are very reasonable, and the second tier is a very tempting one.


The tag sentence: "Top of their class, two school students decide to give themselves the ultimate test: get away with murder." I think this sentence needs a little work.

Firstly, I'd drop the "Top of their class." It fragments the sentence and doesn't really add much.

And then I'd replace the word "test" with "assignment" if the murder is a school-related goal.

If the murder isn't school-related, drop the word "students" and tell us more about the kids. Are they best friends? Are they siblings? The word "student" is a descriptor that doesn't offer much insight into character, so unless it's story-critical (i.e. the murder is school-related), try to pack a little more meaning in with a different word.

(Note that I have read the longer description of the project, but this is what was going through my head as I read the subtitle.)


I think you've actually given too much detail in the 'Characters' section. In the plot description above, you only mention Lisa and Tom. If the other characters are story-critical, they should feature in the paragraph. Otherwise, if they're secondary characters, I'd drop them from the "characters" section, and just focus on Lisa and Tom. Alternatively, you could give us way more information about Lisa and Tom, as this would also make the main/secondary character divide clear.


Otherwise, this is a well laid-out project that tells me everything I need to know. Good luck!


Are you familiar with ComixLaunch? It's a weekly podcast all about the business of launching comics Kickstarters. They've just (today) started a five day challenge on Facebook (join the group here: https://go.comixlaunch.com/5-day-challenge)

It's five small exercises over five days that will help you level up a little bit. The first day's exercise was about honing your personal/professional bio information, and it was quite useful.
The tag sentence: "Top of their class, two school students decide to give themselves the ultimate test: get away with murder." I think this sentence needs a little work.
Thanks for the feedback @ShaneWSmith ! I've updated this tagline as suggested, although I wasn't sure about using the word 'assignment' to begin with - I felt that was more of a US word - but then I remembered getting 'assignments' at school when I was a kid. I guess my memory of that time is fading as I get older :) Oh, and the murder is school-related (a fellow student is the target) so I left that as it is.

I think you've actually given too much detail in the 'Characters' section.
Well, Edward and Blake (the other students) are story-critical, although they don't feature heavily in Part 1. Lisa's father and Tom's mother are secondary characters in this volume though. I'll make a note for now and see if anyone else mentions this in feedback, then I'll look at this section again.

Oh, and I'll check out the comixlaunch info too - ta for that!

Looks good to me. Should do well too at the low cost. You get more page rank the faster your % goes up.
I went through and looked at several other similar comic/graphic novel Kickstarters and made a note of their prices, so I tried to keep the costs as low as I could without 'selling' at a loss to try and give myself a % boost at launch. So here's hoping!



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Probably worth alerting people they can pay without signing up now. I've had guest backers, and when they arrived KS hadn't announced it


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So you need to be a signed-up member to see previews of pages, but once it's live you don't need to sign up to pledge and pay? Neat.
The only stuff you won't be able to see, I imagine, are the backer-only updates. Guest pay could be a big deal for digital.
Guest pay could be a big deal for digital.
Absolutely - I can't remember the numbers but I remember reading that for every extra click you make a customer do on a website, you lose a certain % of them. So I'm certain that forcing people to go through a sign-up process puts off a huge chunk of potential investors.
Only one week to go on the #Kickstarter for The Murder Club!


"Two school students decide to give themselves the ultimate assignment: get away with murder."

And I've already got two great reviews in the bag so far too, not to mention I was featured in the "Top 10 Comic Books on Kickstarter Now (July Edition)" on Barebones Entertainment!

AP2HYC - https://ap2hyc.com/2017/06/review-murder-club-part-1/

Indiecomix - http://indiecomix.net/2017/06/the-murder-club-useless-deaths-part-1/

Barebones Entertainment - http://www.barebonesent.com/top-10-comic-books-on-kickstarter-now-july-edition/
You saw the new title - just over 48 hours left to pledge for my twisted psychological drama graphic novel, about two kids who plot to kill people and frame others for the murder.


I've also added aa new £10 tier that gets you 3 months free subscription to the Comichaus app (when released) - more details of the app here.