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The following comic is rated 'R' due to violence, sexual content and strong language.

“The Sprawl” is your weekly window into the moons of Tartarus. A world in its twilight days, inhabited by descendants of an ancient colony ship from a distant star. Those colonists expected a garden of Eden but arrived to find a dead planet shrouded in the fires of an unknown cataclysm.

A world of cursed artifacts, murderous cults and shambling, cybernetic horrors that stalk the alleys and underlevels of the ever expanding megacity known only as "The Sprawl".

A sci-fi/horror comic in the mold of classic comics and animations from the 70's and 80's.

"The Sprawl" updates every Wednesday morning, 6am EST. However, there are already three complete chapters ready for you to enjoy. Click one of the covers below to jump to that chapter.

And the fourth chapter has just begun

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Thank you for checking out "The Sprawl". I hope you enjoy the comic and look forward to hearing from all of you in the ComicBookHour community!


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Thanks much for all of the compliments. I really appreciate it.

LOVE the texture techniques that you use on the cover. Trying to go that way myself eventually with my coloring.
I use a high-res paper texture, placed at the top of the layer stack. I set the layer type to "overlay" and reduce the opacity to whatever looks good.

Here's that full image for the LOG:04 title page:

Makes a great desktop wallpaper!

Tomorrow is #NCBD so look for a new page!


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You know, I've been a bit hesitant to just because I've been worried that the orb in LOG:01 was a little to on the nose as a homage, but getting The Sprawl into Heavy Metal would be kind of a dream come true.
Couldn't hurt to try...I'm sure submissions are kind of high these days, with Morrison in charge, but he also seems the type to dive through the pile randomly and go with his gut.


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You know what, I think I will. But, having just reread the first chapter I'm thinking I'll make some small revisions to some of those early pages. Nothing too time consuming, just some small edits and touch-ups. I did the first 12 pages in like a week and you can really see the cut corners. Most of the changes will be text edits, tho.
Awesome! I really think you should. And what a great thing about web/digital comics - the ability to revise. We just finished a full version update of The Beard and it felt very worthwhile.


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We just finished a full version update of The Beard and it felt very worthwhile.
I've already got most of the major revisions done (the first 9-10 pages or so). Only 2 more pages with any significant art revisions, the rest will be text edits. So totally on track to send this off to Heavy Metal at the end of the month and I'm feeling a lot more confident about it.

Even if HM doesn't bite, I had another publisher that seemed interested but wound up dropping at the last minute, citing some of the inconsistent art in the first chapter. I think it will be worth asking them to take another look.

So, thanks for the push!


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With a week left I've finished ALL of the revisions I wanted to make, and now I'm using the remaining time to touch up the colours on all of the other pages, since I can do that pretty quickly and it makes a big difference.

I feel really confident about pitching this to Heavy Metal and other publishers at the end of the month now.


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