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Discussion in 'Comic Discussion' started by Shaneoid, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Trinket Trance

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    I really need to develop a more consistent habit of checking that email account (it was dormant so long). We shall talk soon!
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  2. Wakaxo

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    Omg there has been so much activity since I last checked this thread! I need to improve my activity here. ^^;

    In the interest of this post not being crazy long, I'll just say I love must of the ideas being through around here, especially the crossover concepts!

    Thanks! I think Dakota could work well in a team mashup. Her powers could also theoretically be used to jump to other dimensions, so any crossover is very plausible!

    The only issue I see with any community event is time constraints, which I suppose can be solved by simply making sure enough time is given in advance of any deadlines. ( Like, I'd love to participate in anything that is decided upon but if my schedule gets any more busy I might actually keel over... TTvTT )

    I super love this idea! It's simple, can be executed in multiple ways, and I'm sure it won't take a lot of effort to work the character in somewhere! :D
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  3. Shaneoid

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    Sure, I don't see the point in over stretching ourselves. Give ourselves plenty of time and no hassle. Also once we get a vague outline of what we're doing, we can invite other Superhero webcomic artists. I have a idea in my head of doing a "Secret Wars" style roll call heh


    Again, Superhero comic are in such a unique position to do this, I think in terms of webcomic 'events' this would be unprecedented and a great platform to promote our individual works. :)
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  4. TheBlueValkyrie

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    This is a really cool idea and i'd be remiss if i didn't admit that i've thought of doing something like this before.

    That being said, sadly I don't think my comic is narratively in a position to justify crossovers. There is space for dimension hopping weirdness in-fiction but it would have to be a "forward in time" kinda thing for The Blue Valkyrie to show up, assuming anyone would want her to (and who wouldn't?)
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  5. TheBlueValkyrie

    TheBlueValkyrie White Belt

    all that said i would totally be interested in contributing an original character for a superhero webcomic universe! However, I am a writer and not an artist.
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  6. Shaneoid

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    Hi @TheBlueValkyrie great to hear from you again. Well, let's not be to rigid in this, and feel free to get involved as much as you want, in whatever capacity. I was thinking of setting a vague goal for having something at least sketched out by next year. We obviously need a thing, person or event that a) Can transport people across dimensions and b) has reason to do this. Go! :D
  7. TheBlueValkyrie

    TheBlueValkyrie White Belt

    for what it's worth, i am outrageously stoked at the idea of The Blue Valkyrie crossing over with other universes, and I can easily just say "it's not canon" and be done with it.
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  8. Shaneoid

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    Sure I don't see why we can't just make it beneficial for all. It would be a shame not to include everyone's characters.
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  9. micahdraws

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    I am back in action! Going to catch up on this thread and see what I missed. Looks like some great stuff!
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  10. Shaneoid

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    I'd appreciate your feedback
  11. Infected Blood

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    I'm still around, too! Just exploring some characters with Trinket :) He's got plenty of fun ideas!
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  12. Trinket Trance

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    I just had an idea for that potential shareable character. That she'd appear in various capacities in many dimensions is built into the DNA of the story that's starting to peck at my mind meat. I won't go into detail until its had time to slosh around in my brain womb a while (conception was barely an hour ago), but I'm so excited to have useful neurons firing in this direction that I had to share with the people that'd care most.
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  13. Trinket Trance

    Trinket Trance 4-Stripe White Belt

    I'm always game to help "Morrison-up" an explanation for any absurd plot device needed to justify a crossover event.
  14. Infected Blood

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  15. Trinket Trance

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    No worries! I'm accustomed to the shifting nature of time constraints and such.
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  16. ZTG

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    Coming to shareable characters, the facility I have Horror Show is up for that, namely Dr. Styx, Warden Straits, and the Ironworks. Also, Freak is up for being a shareable character as well, given how he often gets himself into weird skirmishes and travels alot, like Wander from Wander Over Yonder.

    With Horror Show I imagine they could be a common threat for people like Dakota/Neon Rabbit who are mutated or have paranormal or supernatural powers, since their goal is to uncover the supernatural side of their world. They could probably even set up a multi-dimensional universe device as well, so, that'd be fun
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  17. Replicator_Comic

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    ♦ What brought you into the Superhero genre?

    A few things pretty much everything I detested about superhero's.

    • one of their largest issues is the secret Identity- not real life issues that we can relate to.
    • the fact the have a billion different powers bundled on top of each other while being ineffective at using them.
    • the cookie cutter super powers they all have speed, strength flight, invulnerability- there is rarely any variation.
    • I can't relate to them at all the whole do the right thing and everything will be fine just doesn't apply to me or the real world
    • the fact they don't kill people- bad guyI "if i press this button 1 billion people will die- the only way to stop is to kill me"....good guy-" hmm no there must be another way, what I travel back in time to the moment you were born shower you with love and affection then maybe we would be here"-lets try that.
    • the whole humans vs superhero's trope- god I'm so sick of it.
    So that ended up little ranty just grinds my gears.

    How is mine comic Replicator any different. Well, it's pretty much the opposite of all the above when I think about it.

    The setting allows for me to just dismiss off hand a lot of those issues, set in a country that's been abandoned by the rest of the world and where 10 million people are dead there are a lot more serious issues to contend with than I wonder who Batman is or the whole superhero's vs human's trope.

    My main character Ryker( the Replicator) replicates objects efficiently, a machine gun with 60 round clip -let's replicate bullets so we don't run out. One grenade let's replicate them and make them 10. The more damage he takes the monsterish he appears and it changes his powers he gets stronger and faster and more aggressive and more powerful but loses control with his replicating ability.

    this is the image if you feel like looking
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  18. Bencomicgraphics

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  19. Shaneoid

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    Hey thanks for the input. I appreciate your perspective on these facets of Superhero comics. My opinions differ slightly, especially with secret identities, I often find they're not a bad method for writing interesting dialogue and at practical if you're being a vigilante with loved ones to protect. I also wonder as you touch on something we can relate to, perhaps it's a good thing we can't relate to some heroes, as they're like an objective and unreachable ideal or something to aspire to.

    I agree with the over-powered heroes, I think they do it a lot in the West but man it gets OTT in the Manga. Personally I've tried to go the Batman route with my heroes, basically making them augmented humans rather than virtual gods in order for them to use ingenuity (or fluke) to get out of a situation. Characters like Superman and Martian Manhunter were practically gifted new powers as their characters passed through the ages, and I just feel it was lazy storytelling. On the other hand, however, you have room for novel storytelling with heroes who are virtually deities.

    I concur also on the issue of ethics, it's something I want to explore in my works. The fantasy of the pure good guys that the populace wants to believe is basically what the media sells, the truth is another story. I think what you're expressing with those bullet points is a sign of the times, we're in interesting times with regards to heroism and I wonder how we as superhero webcomic artists attempt to reflect that in our works.
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  20. Bencomicgraphics

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    Check out my webcomic, and tell me what you think.


    ♦ What brought you in to the Superhero genre?

    Loved Superhero comics since I grew up on them. Also, a man who was like a second father to me was an inker for Marvel and Charlton comics during the 70's. He even inked Gil Kane's Spider-man.

    ♦ What are the inspirations for your characters and world settling?

    My mentor may have worked for Marvel, but his first love was always the heroic and almost mythological feel of DC comics. I try to pull from the purity of the source, but modified and changed to become my own.

    ♦ What are some challenges you've found creating and promoting your Superhero comic online?

    "One Page a Day" was the motto my mentor ingrained in me. I wanted to be a professional, may as well start with the work ethic of one. I've been doing webcomics for over 10 years. My first comic ran for 5 years without missing an update. My second was a limited run, going for only a year. My current run, I had 5 months of comics drawn, which were then lost in a hard drive failure. I had to redraw them.

    Promoting is even harder. Spending your time creating comics gives you very little time to promote yourself.

    ♦ What advice would you give anyone thinking of starting out in Superhero webcomics? (besides the usual)

    Find your work ethic.

    ♦ Capes... Yes or no?

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