Tips for getting accepted in to OCTRTA


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Hello everyone,

As we draw closer to the deadline I thought I'd post a thread with some tips that will giev you a greater chance of getting accepted. These are compulsory bits of information that may lead to you getting your submission rejected, but they are SUPER simple to follow.

Bleed and safe area?

You need to get this right to be considered. The good news? It is simple to get right as long as you are disciplined. Just follow this helpful guide, and the template we use, by Comic Printing UK.

Download the US Standard Size here.


You need to produce your pages at the full size, and then make sure no compulsory art is in the bleed area, and that no important art, zero lettering, is in the safe area.

The letter I in comics is use, for the majority, in a set way. Here is a breakdown by Nate Piekos, of Blambot, on how to correctly use the letter I:

Bonus points:

Font size is also an issue. You need to make sure it meets a Marvel/DC standard. After all, they would know what size comic font sizes should be. Here is an example of a best selling comic page from a DC comic, so make sure your text is not smaller than this:

To be sure, save the image above and overlay it on your comic. Then, compare the size of this comic page's font and your own. Increase it to match if it is too small.

Do you need to have the credits on the page?

No, it is optional as we do it ourselves in a specific format, but if you want to you can. To be clear. In the next anthology we will however be getting rid of any on page credits from creators, and handle that ourselves on the pre and post pages.

These are some basic tips to make sure you have the best shot of getting accepted, and I encourage you to look deeper into all of it if you are developing your comic skills. Some fantastic resources out there. The lettering tips by Nate, especially, will see your lettering improve drastically in a short period of time.

Last but not least. Good luck and have fun :)